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Comments: #NotAllPokemon

Steve Z
#NotAllPokemon - Jun 14th, 2019, 9:42 PM
It has been confirmed that not every Pokémon will appear in Sword and Shield.

They will be able to be transferred into Pokémon Home, but unless a Pokémon appears in the Galarian Pokédex, it cannot be transferred into Sword and Shield.

While this isn't sitting well with a good amount of fans, I see one of two possibilities.

1: We will see a third version wherein we can obtain all 800+ Pokémon.

2: The backlash from this announcement will force Game Freak to cut corners to fit* them in.

I also believe(although this is pure speculation/wishes on my part) that Pokémon Home will be more than just a storage system, allowing you to interact with your stored Pokémon.

* This is just my opinion but if they can fit 800+ HD models and animations in an 8GB cartridge, they can do the same with 32GB. They're the same models, and from what we've seen, mostly the same animations(see: Scorbunny using Double Kick). This is my opinion and mine alone.

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