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Comments: Decisions, Decisions.

Steve Z
Decisions, Decisions. - Sep 4th, 2021, 6:17 PM
Hey all!

Steve here, back once again! I do this a lot don't I?


I'm torn. On one hand, I have my current host. They're pretty good to be honest, I've gone dormant for months, almost a year. They haven't shut me off or anything. They have a lot of features going for them too, one of which keeps this specific site running. Without it I would have had to learn so much more(not that I'm against that at all, it was just easier at the time).

On the other hand, I have been hosting a crippled version of the site myself. Crippled in the way of, every feature I've written is broken because I'm an oldfrog who knows old PHP and never evolved with the times to learn newer stuff.

That makes THIS site vulnerable, and I don't want that. But hosting myself, on bare metal that I can touch, has it's own downsides. Internet/Power outages to be specific. I live in Florida, where it is not uncommon for big storms to happen on a weekly basis. Sometimes that comes with power outages, and it's something I wanna deal with(maybe a couple UPS's for the server/modem and router).

For now, I'll keep this up and do what I can to convert EVERYTHING to php 7/8. I'm working on a bunch of stuff, but I got reinvigorated to work on the site in some capacity. I'll get there...

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